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7 Myths About Dogs

There are many myths surrounding dogs. For example, how many times have you heard that dogs can only see in black and white or that one human ear equals seven dog ears? Today, we separate fact from fiction by sharing 10 myths and half-truths about dogs.

1 Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years

False. While dogs do age faster than humans, it’s impossible to calculate equivalence exactly. Dogs will age faster or slower depending on their stage of life, their breed and their quality of life. What we can say for sure is that almost all dog breeds can be considered adults after two years of age and most are considered elderly after seven or eight years.

2 Dogs See in Black and White

False. Dogs can see colors but they do not perceive them the same as we do. Their vision is dichromatic so they perceive the colors blue and yellow as well as some of their variants.

3 If a Dog Has a Dry Nose, It Means They Are Sick

False. Dogs often have a wet nose. It can dry in hot weather or when they’ve just woken up without indicating a health problem. It’s only worrying when other symptoms such as fever, mucus, wounds or bleeding also occur.

4 Dogs Eat Grass to Purge

Not completely true. Some dogs may eat grass to purge but they don’t always vomit later. The full reason dogs eat grass is not well understood but studies suggest many dogs do to compensate for a lack of fiber or vitamins while others may simply enjoy it.

5 All Female Dogs Must Breed at Least

False. Female dogs do not need to be mothers to stay healthy. Sterilization is advisable as soon as possible to avoid health problems related to reproduction such as breast cancer, cysts, infections or phantom pregnancies.

6 Potentially Dangerous Dogs Are Very Aggressive 

False. Male dogs considered potentially dangerous are so because of their strength and muscles, not because they are born aggressive. As with any breed, their behavior depends on socialization and education of the dog. A dog educated through positive reinforcement(it can be done with new training tools such as remote dog training collars) which has been well socialized even if considered potentially dangerous should be affectionate and even friendly with strangers. Positive reinforcement-based training can be done

7 Pit Bulls Lock Their Jaws When They Bite

False. This myth is provoked by the dog’s strength. Due to their highly developed muscles, it can appear a pit bull’s jaws lock but they can reopen their mouths just like any other dog.

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