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Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

Bringing a new puppy into your life is like the beginning of a great action-adventure movie. Together you two embark on an epic journey exploring unknown lands and hunting for treasure until one ordinary Monday you go to work. For your dog, there’s no happy ending when you’re gone, but there’s hope. We’ll show you some simple steps to help you and your puppy hold it together while you’re away.

1 Teach Your Puppy to Be Alone

While you’re home, take some time out of your day for your puppy to be alone and away from you in a crate or a designated puppy-proof area. This will help establish a safe and comfortable place for your pup to retreat to when you aren’t there.

2 Desensitize Your Puppy to Triggers

Your dog probably starts getting anxious when they notice you getting ready to leave. Start by doing things you normally do, like picking up your keys or getting your bag. Each time you do this give your puppy a treat or their favorite toys. Repeat these actions several times but don’t leave. By doing these cues over and over your puppy will start to recognize that you leaving isn’t such a bad thing.

3 Build Your Puppy’s Tolerance Level

Now under your leaving routine, but this time actually leave it for about a minute, and then extend your absence for two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes and so on. If your puppy reacts, just start back at one minute. Just like the previous step you’ll want to do this several times in a row so your pup doesn’t place so much importance on you leaving.

4 Exercise Your Puppy

A well-exercised puppy is a better-behaved puppy. Try doing calm activities like playing indoors or walking around your home. If he’s tired, chances are he’ll spend more time relaxing and less time redecorating your house.

5 Mentally Exercise Your Puppy

Separation anxiety occurs within the first 20 minutes of leaving your puppy alone. A simple solution is to help your puppy develop a positive association between being left alone and good things like toys. This engages dogs during a time when anxiety is at a peak. If you’re consistent with these steps you can also help your pup conquer separation anxiety with a few handy tools like calming treats and supplements.

With a little bit of patience and a lot of repetition, your pup will have the confidence to go solo on their next great adventure.

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