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How to Help Your Dog Adjust to Wearing an Electric Collar

What we are going to go over today is how to help your dog adjust to wearing an electric collar. This is a very crucial step in ensuring your dog is able to work properly and effectively with the collar.

Firstly, properly fit an electric collar. When you’re fitting the electric collar to your dog’s neck, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind. The first one is where the strap is going. We want the strap to be going around the narrowest part of the dog’s neck. Just like ours, it is narrowest up on top by the head and widest down at the shoulders. The reason we want to put this strap on the narrowest part of the neck is that as we put it down to get a proper fit, it should not move from that spot. If we put this down to the widest part of the neck, when the dog runs and plays outside, it could eventually move to a narrower part of the neck, making the contact points no longer have a good connection.

Now that we have the strap on the neck, what we want to do is snuggle it down to the proper fit. As we’re snuggling this down we want to ensure that the strap is tight enough that the contact points are making good proper contact with the skin of the dog. And at the same time, we don’t want it too tight. We want to make sure that we can fit one finger in between the contact point and the dog’s neck.

Secondly, see how your dog reacts to the collar. If he/she looks sensitive about the new device, put the electric collar on the floor and encourage him/her to investigate it and reward him for doing so. Then you can attempt attaching the collar to his/her neck again. Keep trying this a couple of times until your dog accepts having the collar.

Thirdly, find a comfortable shock setting. When using an electric collar, it is essential to find the level of stimulus which will make your dog pay attention, but is not causing any pain. The more pain your dog feels, the harder it is for him/her to adjust to it. When you trigger the collar and your dog feels the shock, he/she should perk up the ears or turn his/her head. If your dog yelps, or puts his/her tail between his/her legs, the shock is too strong and you should set a lower level.

Lastly, make sure your dog wears the electric collar routinely. Don’t just put it on the dog when you are having a training session. Most dogs can wear the collar for 8 -10 hours per day without developing skin problems. It is allowed to put the electric collar on your dog while he/she is playing, eating or sleeping. What you need to do is to make the collar a normal part of his/her daily life.

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