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Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Shock Collar

Despite controversies concerning shock collars among dog owners, they are an effective tool to help train your dog and discourage negative behavior when applied with positive reinforcement. Here are things you should know before buying a shock collar for your small dog.

Level of Intensity

Most new shock collars not only have a huge range of shock intensity, but they also have less painful modes such as vibration or beep that work as good warnings. These new warning modes will help people on the fence make a better-informed decision. The highest-rated shock collars have 100s of levels of intensity. This lets you set different levels of shock for different levels of discipline.

Time-Sensitive Results

Once a shock collar is used, a dog, especially a small dog or impressionable puppy will learn from the first shock quickly. Compare this to dog training schools and classes that often take months, you have a time-efficient way to help train and discipline your dog.


Shock collars are affordable for any budget. The best-rated shock collars for small dogs are all under $200. Not only does this save your money on the collar, but in the long run, it is much cheaper than dog training schools and classes. Often those are long-term commitments that can not only take months but also thousands of dollars of your money.

Positive Reward Must Be Used

Unfortunately, shock collars don’t come with a treat dispenser for when your dog has good behavior. The collars are only designed to give discipline when the dog is going to or has already done negative behavior. Instead, as a dog owner or a dog trainer, you must pay attention to your dog or puppy while training. When your dog exhibits good behavior and follows a command, reward him with a nice treat or praise.

Right Size

When picking a collar out for your dog, their size is perhaps the most important factor. If a collar is too big on your dog, then the shock won’t affect your dog and the collar will be useless. Small dogs and puppies need specific size collars. Of course, certain puppies will grow out of their smaller collar eventually. If you train them as a puppy, then they need the right size. Luckily, there are many options out there for small dogs that have many of the top-line features included.

Don’t Overuse

Sometimes a simple “no” is the best form of correction for your dog. Overuse and misuse of a shock collar could make your dog fear common objects and even your or other people. This will lead to unhealthy behavior in the long run. It is also inhumane to over shock a dog for every little thing, so be mindful of your shock collar use on your dog.

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