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Traditional Fences vs. Invisible Fences

For pet parents, keeping dogs safe is top of the list. Fences can help to establish a safe zone where your dog can roam freely and safely since they are can help keep your dog from running off or from being taken. But what kind of fence should you choose? You can either go traditional and choose a traditional physical fence or go modern and choose an invisible fence. Each offers advantages and disadvantages, but the differences between the two might help you determine which one’s right for you.


Invisible Fence: A quality invisible fence is affordable, usually around $300. Depending on whether your device has rechargeable or replaceable battery, you will need to pay an additional $10 to $25 per year for extra batteries.

Traditional Fence: Traditional fences can cost thousands of dollars to install (between $5000 to $10,000). The cost will increase tremendously especially if you want to install a vinyl or rod iron fence and more decorations.


Invisible Fence: The main maintenance of invisible fences is the batteries. The batteries in the dog’s collar need to be replaced regularly. Also, occasional breaks in the underground wires will need to be repaired.

Traditional Fence: Traditional fences needs to be maintained more regularly, such as painting, staining, and repairs to fence panels. They can be viewed as an eyesore if they aren’t properly maintained.


Invisible Fence: Invisible fence can be customized in order to protect other parts of your yard or your room. For example, you can place the transmitters near certain furniture that you don’t want your dog to get on.

Traditional Fence: Before buying a traditional fence, you have to measure the size of the place you want to install it.


Invisible Fence: Invisible fences will need your dog to go through a training process that lasts about a couple of weeks, which will take time and patience. If the owner uses it in the wrong way, such as using it as a punishment instead of positive reinforcement, it can even cause negative emotional or physical damage to the dog.

Traditional Fence: Your dog does not have to complete a training program.


Invisible Fence: They are invisible so they do not obstruct views on the property. This is an ideal option if you have a beautiful view in your yard. Also, your family members can move around freely without hassles.

Traditional Fence: Traditional fences may interfere with your scenic view or break up green spaces created by open property lines.

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